OEM Development

OEM Development

Let HydraCell Power Your Business

Thinking about integrating a HydraCell fuel cell into your product line or a specific application?

We have a team of experts available to guide your team through development considerations or provide complete solutions. The HydraCell paired with our electronics can enhance many OEM applications.

Emergency Preparedness Virtually indefinite shelf life provides superior performance in the unexpected time of need.
Humanitarian Easy and safe to deploy. Reduce waste on turning expired battery inventory with the HydraCell virtually indefinite shelf life.
Outdoor Recreation Lightweight and eco-friendly power source that provides long run times.
Industrial Mining, oil and off-grid operations.
Marine With an abundance of salt water readily available Marine applications are a great match.
Military Survival off the grid. Lightweight
Automotive Back-up power to jump start or trickle charge automotive batteries.

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